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Chris Hartwig

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What port does CryptoStopper use to send alert messages?

CryptoStopper uses SMTP to connect to a mandrill server to send email. Please ensure this port is open.

Will CryptoStopper automatically protect new folders?

CryptoStopper will check the share or protected folder each hour and add new folders as necessary.

What is CryptoStopper resource utilization?

CryptoStopper uses a minimal amount of CPU and RAM. Typically, less than 1% of CPU and 20MB of RAM.

Will CryptoStopper isolate the offending workstation automatically?

Yes. CryptoStopper uses an algorithm to monitor specially crafted watcher files. When ransomware attacks your server, CryptoStopper correlates the offending user and immediately isolates that user.  It simultaneously notifies the specified email.

Do you have a PC version of CryptoStopper?

Yes. CryptoStopper Server and CryptoStopper Desktop are both available for download.

Does CryptoStopper automatically update?

Yes. WatchPoint provides automatic updates to CryptoStopper.

How long does it take to install CryptoStopper?

A typical server install will take 15 minutes or less. The workstation version installs in as little as 5 minutes.

Will my backup trigger CryptoStopper?

No. Your backup only updates the archive bit and doesn’t modify the file.

How quickly will CryptoStopper work to stop a ransomware attack?

CryptoStopper detects and stops a ransomware attack in as little as 2 seconds.

Does CryptoStopper detect and stop all ransomware?

CryptoStopper will detect and stop all variants of ransomware whether new or zero-day.

What if the infection happens directly on the server?

CryptoStopper Server will stop a local attack running on the server. If you are the victim of a ransomware attack that happens directly on the server, you are the victim of a hack and attack. You should consider your entire network compromised and act accordingly.

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