45 New Decryptors added to the Free Ransomware Decryptors

Chris Hartwig

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Cybercriminals have been busy creating thousands of new ransomware variants over the past few months which they have used to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting companies all over the world. WatchPoint continuously scours the web for new decryptors released by antivirus companies and has compiled one of the most extensive lists of free decryptors available.

There is no shortcut to testing your defenses against a ransomware attack.  WatchPoint has created a PowerShell script to allow you to simulate an attack.  Click HERE for details.

Here is a link to the full list of decryptors:


You can search the list by ransomware name or by the new extension appended to your encrypted documents. WatchPoint added 45 new decryptors this week including decryptors for variants like WannaCry, Crysis, and Jaff.

We hope you never need to use our decryptors and can help make sure that you don’t with CryptoStopper.

Learn more about stopping ransomware with CryptoStopper.

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